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In a significant expansion of its Photogrpahic travel offerings, Impact Travel Group (ITG) is proud to announce the launch of Leading Lines, a cutting-edge photographic travel destination management company dedicated to empowering photographers to run successful workshops worldwide. This new venture is designed to cater specifically to the needs of professional Photogrpahers seeking unique, breathtaking locales for their Photograohic workshops.

Sam Turley, a seasoned veteran in the travel and photography industries, has been appointed as the Managing Director of Leading Lines. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of both fields, Turley is set to steer Leading Lines towards becoming a pivotal platform in the photographic community.

"Our vision with Leading Lines is to create more than just a travel service; we aim to foster a global community where photographers can find not only the most photogenic destinations but also the support and resources needed to conduct world-class photography workshops,"

Sam Turley
His expertise and passion for photography and travel are expected to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.
Leading Lines stands out by providing a holistic approach to destination management. The company not only scouts and secures stunning destinations but also handles logistics, local engagements, and comprehensive support. This allows photographers to focus on what they do best—teaching and capturing incredible images—while Leading Lines takes care of the rest.
For photographers looking to expand their workshop offerings, Leading Lines offers a plethora of services including site scouting, booking, transportation arrangements, and local guide services. These services are tailored to ensure that each photographic workshop is seamless, from inception to execution. “We understand the challenges photographers face in organizing workshops, especially in unfamiliar territories. Our goal is to remove these barriers, making it easier and more efficient to host workshops in exotic and inspiring locations,” Turley added.
In addition to logistical support, Leading Lines is committed to sustainability and cultural sensitivity, which are increasingly important in the travel industry. The company promises to uphold high standards of environmental stewardship and respect for local cultures and communities, ensuring that photography workshops contribute positively to both the environment and the host communities.

As the world becomes more accessible and the demand for specialized travel experiences grows, Leading Lines is perfectly positioned to meet these needs with its expertly curated services. Under the leadership of Sam Turley and with the backing of ITG, Leading Lines is set to redefine the experience of travel photography workshops, making it more accessible, enjoyable, and educational for photographers around the globe.

To learn more about Leading Lines, please visit the website