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Facilitating Journeys That Change Lives


Facilitating Journeys That Change Lives

About us

The Impact Travel Group is a collective of educational and experiential travel brands providing transformative experiences.

When we change, the world changes. The key to all change is in our inner transformation—a change of our hearts and minds.

Our collective utilizes education and travel to inspire that inner transformation and create responsible global citizens poised to change the world.

Our Mission

To create and provide transformative, purposeful travel experiences that are committed to cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To realize positive change in the world. By changing individual lives and shaping attitudes through the power of travel, we can create global citizens that act as catalysts for real change.

Our Values



We love the work that we do and have a true passion for our mission and vision because we’ve seen it work firsthand.


We invest in creating meaningful relationships and connections with our employees, our partners, our travelers, and with the communities we serve.


We are committed to continuously learning, improving, and evolving in the spirit of innovation, positive change, and personal and professional development.


We prioritize acting ethically and honestly as representatives of our collective, as well as the organization as a whole.


We believe that diversity and a variety of lived experiences and backgrounds within an organization promotes overall success.


We are serious about our mission and vision and lead our collective through our commitments to People, Planet, Culture, Travelers.

Our Philosophy

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu
Translated simply, this means that “a person is a person because of other people.” I am because you are, and you are because we are; the essence of Ubuntu. This is the philosophy that drives us, as it promotes compassion, kindness, and fairness.

Our Commitments

As a group and collective, we’re able to pursue our mission of creating and providing transformative, purposeful travel experiences that are committed to cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. Each member of our collective contributes meaningful and sustainable commitments to create a more powerful whole and a more powerful collective. As a collective, our commitments are focused on People, Planet, Culture, and Traveler.


Our interactions and relationships with people drive inner transformation.

  • Contributing towards initiatives benefiting underserved communities, including but not limited to:
    • young girls and women encountering gender disparity
    • victims of domestic violence
    • those without access to core education, healthcare or economic opportunity
    • vulnerable children and adults
  • Fair and equal employment practices
  • Sourcing and recruiting locally


Change begins with cultural understanding and immersion.

  • Our collective focuses on cultural sustainability through:
    • Protecting cultural heritage through authentic and locally curated projects
    • Respecting and retaining cultural values through our support of local communities
    • Sharing the importance of learning about and respecting the local culture on each and every program
  • We are committed to the value of cultural immersion and understanding in a variety of ways, including:
    • Homestays or group traveler accommodations designed for interaction and learning
    • Classes with native students where available
    • Language exchange in non-English speaking destinations
    • Working alongside and collaborating with local staff
    • Extra-curricular activities with local communities, volunteers, and/or staff


Each individual traveler can be a catalyst for change.

  • Our collective is committed to helping travelers become global citizens by:
    • Attaining a greater cultural competency—the ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from their own
    • Understanding and committing to the mission of the project prior to participation
    • Educating themselves via pre-trip educational materials
    • Participating with intention and understanding their contribution to the host community
    • Gaining a stronger understanding of global issues and how they can contribute positively in the future

Our Impact highlights

Impact Travel Group’s brands have made a huge impact so far


Million hours of Volunteer Service


People helped back to health via home based care


KG's of waste removed from environment each year


Increase in adult literacy rates through our workshops


Increase in athletic ability in primary school kids who normally don't do PE


Children in school received improvements by securing Government support


Sqm removal of alien plants from wilderness


Photos from camera traps processed for research

Our Collective

The Impact Travel Group is a collective of educational and experiential travel brands providing transformative experiences. Our collective utilizes education and travel to inspire inner transformation and create responsible global citizens poised to change the world.

African Impact

African Impact is the leader in volunteer abroad programs in Africa. We only provide volunteer programs on the African continent and our in-depth understanding of the community and conservation efforts is unrivalled by any other organisation due to our dev focus purely on Africa.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya gives the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience overseas, and to embark upon a fantastic adventure that will change your vision of the world. Kaya’s programs place participants in supported, sustainable, ethical projects that are locally-led and work with communities, for communities.

Raleigh International

Raleigh International empowers young people worldwide to develop their skills and take action on the issues they care about, all whilst making a positive, long-lasting impact in the communities we work. We do this through Raleigh Expeditions: challenging and fun international volunteering experience.

Roots Interns

Internships that matter. We believe that learning and doing good can go hand in hand. That’s why we create meaningful internships with non profit organizations. Contribute to the important work that is happening at a grass-roots level; a beautiful offshoot of mutual growth. We offer non profit internships in a wide range of academic focus areas, offering something for everyone.

World Endeavors

Transforming lives through international educational programs. World Endeavors provides meaningful intern and volunteer programs abroad for students of all ages. Our programs are focused on immersive, hand-on learning, creating unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding.

Marine Impact

Be mesmerised by the dazzling blue. Swim freely amongst dolphins and sea turtles. Contribute to the conservation of vivid coral reefs. In some of the most idyllic settings in the world, we work to preserve marine life through innovative projects – and we invite you to join us. Find out more about our marine conservation volunteering opportunities.

Penda Photo Tours

At Penda, we love photography and we love travel. We also love making an impact. So we’ve combined those three elements to bring you photography travel with a do-good twist. Whatever level you’re at as a photographer, we invite you to have an exciting journey, improve your own photography skills, and contribute to a worthwhile cause – all at the same time. We run affordable photo tours, photography volunteer programs, and non-profit photography workshops that all make an impact where it’s needed. A impact on people’s lives, an impact on our planet, or an impact on wildlife conservation. And – not unimportantly – we make sure you have a mind-blowing travel experience. you’ll sharpen your skills, visit incredible places, and build an impressive portfolio.

Ecua Explora

Ecua Explora is the leading provider of study, internship and volunteer opportunities and projects in Ecuador. We enable meaningful experiences for international students in Ecuadorian universities and institutions of higher education, interns in professional placements and volunteers in collaborative projects focused on the sustainable social, environmental and economic development of Ecuador.

African Horse Safaris

African Horse Safaris is an online travel agency specialising in, but not limited to, horse travel in Africa. We offer tj largest portfolio of expertly guided and unique horse experiences on the market, hand-picked by our safari specialists. Our riding holidays are exciting, vibrant and unforgettable experiences.

Join our team

Join our growing team at Impact Travel Group. The available vacancies are shown below. If you feel that you’re a good fit please apply using the provided application form.


Trusted by over 4,000 students worldwide

Volunteering abroad with Kaya in Peru was such a rewarding, eye opening and overall enjoyable experience. The staff was great! The staff member who went with us to volunteer was very organized and awesome. She helped us find our way to each destination (including as soon as we got off the airplane in Peru, she was right outside waiting for us to take us to where we would be staying) and she was so helpful. I had a great experience with Kaya while in Peru!

Alisa MurphyVolunteer

My experience in Ireland was incredible! I learned a ton about sustainability and even Irish wildlife from it. My internship and the experiences I was able to have in Dublin and other parts of the country with other interns on the weekend were all amazing. World Endeavors did a really great job with organizing my internship, getting housing, preparing for travel, etc.


Working with Kaya was an incredible experience! I really enjoyed the activities such as hiking Machu Picchu, building stoves in Umasbamba, and taking health care classes in Peru.

Alyssa PompanVolunteer

If looking out to volunteer in Africa and have a great experience making an impact in the beautiful continent , great place to get placement from, enjoy the African experience on the Kruger project , Livingstone project and Kenya and Mara Project

Lazaros DubeLocal Guide

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Address: Impact Travel Group, Cayman Islands, The R&H Trust Co Ltd, Windward 1, Regatta Office Park, PO Box 897, Grand Cayman, KY1-1103, Cayman Islands
Telephone: +44 7551 886 297