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In a world increasingly driven by a desire for meaningful travel experiences, Roots Interns stands out as a beacon for ethical internships that not only enhance personal and professional growth but also contribute positively to global communities. As a proud member of the Impact Travel Group, Roots Interns continues to build on its commitment to sustainable and impactful travel, a vision passionately shared and driven by its founder, Marleen Lammers.

Established with the aim of connecting students and young professionals with non-profit organizations across Africa, Roots Interns offers a unique blend of educational experiences and cultural exchange. Each internship is carefully crafted to ensure it supports local initiatives while providing interns with practical skills and an in-depth understanding of various professional fields. From environmental research and wildlife conservation to social work and education, the opportunities are diverse, yet all are aligned with the goal of making a meaningful difference.

The ethos of Roots Interns is deeply rooted in the principles of ethical engagement and sustainable development. This is reflected in the careful selection of partners and projects that prioritize the welfare of local communities and the environment. Interns are placed in settings where they can genuinely contribute, learn, and grow as global citizens. This approach not only enhances the intern’s CV but also enriches their lives by instilling a lifelong passion for social responsibility and cultural appreciation.

As a member of the Impact Travel Group, Roots Interns benefits from a network of organizations that are leaders in responsible travel. This affiliation allows for a greater exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices, ensuring that each internship program not only meets high ethical standards but also offers robust support systems for interns before, during, and after their placements. Safety, learning, and impact are the pillars upon which Roots Interns designs its programs, with each element meticulously planned to create a balanced and rewarding experience.

To find an internship that matters, visit the Roots Interns website.